This is my creative identity for branding myself as a Graphic Designer. I have aimed to summarise both my design style and approach with the concept of Kimchi Creative. Kimchi, as well as including part of my own name, is commonly known as a spicy Korean side-dish. The name indicates tones of heat, brightness and boldness, hence the flame. The overall branded style suggests bright, positive, clean and sophisticated design.

I prefer the title 'creative', as it identifies not only my chosen career path, but my lifestyle, personality and thought-processes. I will extend beyond the title of a 'Graphic Designer' and use my creative perspective to give your work the edge you need to succeed. 

Kimberly Errey - Invoice, Letterhead and Business Cards
Invoice, Letterhead and Business Cards
Kimberly Errey - Business Cards close-up
Business Cards close-up
Kimberly Errey - Promotional Poster
Promotional Poster
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